Pill Packaging Services

Pill packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a way to organize and package your medication to help you remember what dose to take, and when to take it. This is especially helpful for long term conditions, and we can help set it up for you.

Male and Female Pharmacist characters doing pill packaging
Pill packaging product

Safe & Convenient

Pill packaging, also known as blister packaging, is a safe and convenient way to organize all the prescription medication you need to be taking routinely. Each day is separated into little bubbles that contain all the medication you need that day, with all the information you need.

We can help prepare these for you in a headache free way, to ensure all you need to worry about is simply taking that day’s required medication

Benefits of Pill Packaging

Organized Pills

Keep Meds

All of your medication is neatly organized so you can have peace of mind knowing you didn’t mix up anything, or take the wrong medication at the wrong time.

Convenience of pill packaging

On the Go

Instead of carrying various pills or bottles around, you can simply take your pill package with you on the go wherever that may be.

Easy to remember pills

Forget About

Remembering to take the medication needed for that day is now very easy, and if you are ever worried about whether or not you took them, you can simply check if the bubble is empty or not and rest assured.

Medicine packaging types

Dispill Pill packaging


Dispill packages are unique in that they have clear and thorough information on the labels for you to know what you are taking, and when you should be doing so

They also have very convenient features in that they have a large pill capacity, and you can easily tear off single bubbles and take them with you on the go instead of carrying the whole week's worth with you.

Pill Pouches & Strips

Pill pouches are great for when you have time-sensitive medication because they have clear labelling describing all the medication inside, and the time at which you need to take it.

Pill Pouch and strip dispenser
Medicase Pill package


Medicase packs can be easily peeled off, making them more comfortable to open even if you have less dexterity in your hand due to conditions such as arthritis.

They are also designed to be very secure with clear labelling, making them very convenient if you are on the go.

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