Minor &
long term Conditions

We provide a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to treat your minor or long term conditions.

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Minor Condition Services

OTC Medication and recommendations

Over The

We are here to help you choose the right over the counter medication for your situation for things such as allergies or headaches.

On the spot prescription

On the spot

For certain conditions, our team can help provide you with an on the spot prescription for specific things such as smoking cessation.



Our team provides regular and pharmaceutical grade vitamins for deficiencies you may have, or to help prevent them.


Flu shots & Vaccinations

We offer flu shots as well as other vaccinations against diseases such as HPV, Tetanus and other travel-related diseases.

Prescription Transfer

Prescription transfer

If you have existing prescriptions saved on another pharmacies system, we can help transfer them to our system ensuring you don't miss any medication refills'

Long-Term Condition Services

Specialty Medication

Specialty Medication

If you have rare and or complex conditions, we provide specialty medication to help ensure you get the help you need.

Pill packaging

Pill Packaging

Pill Packaging is when we organize and package your medication to help you remember what dose to take, and when to take it.


Diabetes Care & Supplies

If you are living with diabetes or are at risk, we are here to help you manage it through nutritional care, blood sugar medication, foot care, and more.

Addiction Medication

Addiction Medication

Addiction is a difficult thing to overcome, so we have various tools to help you on your journey.

Prescription Extension

Prescription Extension

Some prescriptions may expire before the condition is resolved, so we can provide free prescription extensions to help save time

Prescription Renewals

Prescription Renewal

Depending on the situation, we can help you have your prescription renewed altogether for things such as diabetes, allergies, blood pressure, or pain medication.

prescription transfers

Prescription Transfer

If you have existing prescriptions saved on another pharmacy's system, we can help transfer them to our system ensuring you don't miss any medication refills.

Specialty Medication

Med Reviews

Side effects and conflicts of medications can be hard to keep track of, so we can help you review everything you are currently taking, and ensure there are no issues or conflicts.

FREE Delivery!

With any prescription you order at any one of our locations, we offer free delivery right to your doorstep for medication or refills.

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Need a

All of our locations have on-site family doctors that are accepting new patients. Physicians will assess your medical situation and can write a prescription accordingly.

Have a prescription?

Find the nearest procare location to you, or simply upload your prescription through our online system, and we can help get your medication shipped to you.