Who We Are

From the very beginning, ProCare has had the same core goal,which is to help our patients to improve not just their medical condition, but to help equip them with the right tools to improve their entire lifestyle, and to spend more time with the people they love.

Our Vision

We go beyond medication, and we believe in a world where each patient's unique needs are met through custom care, and where every patient leaves our practice healthier and happier. We believe we can make a big impact, one smile at a time.

Ramy Ramzy

Ramy Ramzy

Owner & Pharmacist

Our Values



We go to great lengths with cutting edge technology and security because we believe in confidentiality and privacy for every single patient.



Our patients put their lives in our hands, and we don’t take that lightly. We believe in nothing bellow excellence for our services, care, and customer experience, regardless of who we are helping.

Treatment with Care

Treat with care

Our goal is to create a caring nurturing atmosphere that promotes health and happiness for every person that walks into our practice physically, or virtually.

FREE Delivery!

With any prescription you order at any one of our locations, we offer free delivery right to your doorstep for medication or refills.

Delivery truck with mortar and pestle